About Us

Adam Hudson (founder) and Jon Tilley (CEO) - Two friends, who are both successful Amazon Sellers, created ZonGuru to satisfy a real frustration they were having. Before ZonGuru Amazon Sellers needed at least 3 or 4 separate software tools to really boost their Amazon sales.

ZonGuru solves this frustration. Think of it as an all in one marketing tool that will help you research, optimize, and automate your Amazon business - giving you everything you’ll need to be successful all under one login!

Their vision is to continue to add valuable tools to ZonGuru, that meet their needs as the Amazon marketplace continues to grow and change!

Adam Hudson

Adam is a serial entrepreneur who has built several multi-million dollar companies in both Australia and the United States. In 2005 Adam co-founded one of the first crowdfunding platforms in the world which went on to raise in excess of $100M dollars for start-ups and early stage businesses. He currently owns a cloud software business, an Amazon review company (based in Florida), a homewares company that sells its products exclusively through Amazon into 8 countries, and Reliable Education. None of his companies have outside investors and all are profitable.

In 2012 Adam learned about the opportunity to sell on Amazon through a friend. Living in Los Angeles at the time, he was used to seeing Amazon boxes all over town and he was a big user of Amazon himself. It wasn’t until he took a course that he learned that anybody could sell on Amazon and that Amazon would handle all of the warehousing and shipping for him. Once he understood that, he soon launched his own brand which now sells in 8 Amazon marketplaces around the world.

Before diving into the content, if when reading this you have any questions, please email support@zonguru.com.

Jon Tilley

After spending 15 years working as an Account Director and Strategist at some of the top digital advertising agencies in Johannesburg, London and Los Angeles, Jon began selling products on Amazon.

His unique experience managing digital marketing and design projects for large brands, allowed him to quickly grow a high quality, high margin brand on the Amazon, leveraging their global marketplace and logistics infrastructure.

Jon and Adam have been friends for many years and in 2016 Jon was appointed CEO of ZonGuru.