5 White Hat Tactics to Increase Your Amazon Product Reviews in 2019

5 White Hat Tactics to Increase Your Amazon Product Reviews in 2019

According to Amazon, reviews can impact product discoverability, increase search ranking, and most importantly, increase customer’s trust. All sellers know that reviews are critical to your product’s success but also understand that reviews are increasingly harder to get.

Amazon changed their reviews policy and has been constantly cracking down on sellers who use incentivized reviews. There are other white hat tactics for sellers to increase your Amazon products reviews. Here are just a few of them.

#1. Leverage on Amazon’s Early Reviewer Program

The Early Reviewer Program helps you get up to 5 reviews by offering customers who purchased enrolled products a small reward ($3 reward card) in exchange for providing feedback for your products.

Amazon will offer rewards to your customers on the enrolled product for up to a year, or until you have received 5 reviews through the program. To enroll in the program, navigate to Early Reviewer Program located under the “Advertising” tab in your seller central dashboard.

Here are a few Early Reviewer Program requirements:

  1. The cost is $60 and you are charged only after you receive a review
  2. Eligible for Amazon.com products only
  3. Eligible only for products with less than 5 reviews
  4. No guarantee for the reviews to be 5-star
  5. Selling price must be over $15

Since there’s no guarantee that the reviews you received will be 5-star, you have to do your best to ensure that your products are of great quality, at a reasonable price, and not to forget to provide excellent customer service by following up after purchases.

Pro Tip: Use ZonGuru’s email automation tool to follow up with customers and make sure that they are satisfied with their purchases.

#2. Reach Out to Customers Whom You Provided Customer Support

Whether you are selling on or off Amazon or both, you are bound to meet dissatisfied customers. You need to identify the issue then try to remedy it as fast as possible to avoid the snowball effect.

Keep in mind that these customers are not only Amazon’s but they are also your customers. So, it’s important that you follow up with them to ensure they had a great purchasing experience and products bought were as expected. As mentioned above, you can use ZonGuru’s email automation tool to follow up with customers.

After you have resolved any product-related issues to your customers’ satisfaction, don’t forget to ask them for feedback. Whether it is for your products or customer service, feedback can help you improve your business. Customers whose complaints were resolved will feel valued, listened to, and are most likely to leave positive reviews.

Pro Tip: Try to judge customers’ tone of responses when reaching out and if something doesn’t sound right to you, don’t ask for feedback.

Apart from that, you could also reach out to customers whom you provided support to when you run Amazon Live to promote your products. You could also reach out to customers whom you provided support for when they asked questions in the customer Q&A section of your product listing.

#3. Use ManyChat to Engage With Previous Customers

Chatbots can be very useful for your Amazon business or any other businesses. If you haven’t heard of it or using it, then it’s time to start using it now. You can use the existing audience you have built through ManyChat and target them with a simple message flow.

You will be able to track the open and click-thru rates using ManyChat and avoid relying on a “spray and pray” approach.

Pro Tip: Your copywriting used in messages is important to spark engagements so be sure to optimize your message flow.

#4 Invest in High Quality Product Packaging

Some of you reading this probably have Apple product packaging lying around your house, right? This goes to show that product packaging of great quality and design will leave a stronger impact on customers. High quality product packaging not only helps with getting you more Amazon product reviews, but it also helps with the following:

  1. Branding – If you want to position your brand as a top player within the marketplace then high quality product packaging is one of the aspects to have.
  2. Limits Returns – The chances of unsatisfied customers to return your products is lower when you have great product packaging.
  3. Higher Price Points – The concept of luxury brands allows you to increase product pricing with less risk. Of course, your product quality has to be on par as well.

Cheap looking product packaging does not enhance the customer experience visually hence the term “first impression counts”!

#5 Post to Social Media

Another great white hat tactic to gain more product reviews is to leverage on social media to bring in more reviews. When you received positive reviews on Amazon, share it on your Facebook page, Instagram news feed, or even create a product review for your YouTube channel.

When you post and show off your 5-star new reviews on social media, you are also encouraging your followers to submit their own. This in return also helps increase sales, convincing other followers that have yet to make a purchase.

Final Thoughts

An important reminder again to not use any unethical or black hat tactics to gain product reviews and ended up violating Amazon’s terms of service. Keep in mind that fake positive reviews are not worth the risk of getting your selling privileges revoked. Focus on the white hat tactics above to increase your Amazon product reviews.

Do you have any other white hat tactics to gain more reviews? Please share them with us and other fellow gurus.

Eugene is an Amazon business coach, consultant, and blockchain enthusiast. He helps aspiring and established entrepreneurs build a highly profitable Amazon FBA business so they can unlock their true potential. Learn more about him at https://wiseintro.co/freedomprofitsblueprint?

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