An Insightful Interview with The Garlic Press Seller

An Insightful Interview with The Garlic Press Seller

The Garlic Press Seller left his 9-5 job 3 years ago and is now a full time 7-figure seller. The Garlic Press Seller shares some key insights and tips that he’s learned through trial and error over 3 years of selling on Amazon. He has also created a community through his blog and is on a mission to help other people learn from his mistakes and successes. He remains anonymous, but has agreed to an exclusive interview with Zonguru!

1. What’s one quick tip that’s created the most tangible results for your business?

Stay organized! I 100% underestimated this starting out. I was keeping notes on my laptop, PC, offline notebook. I had different excel files with important info saved all over the place. This worked for me while I was selling a couple different products. Once I grew, it definitely bit me in the ass, as I was spending loads of time digging through my files to find old notes I had saved somewhere.

2. What’s a recent struggle that you’ve faced with your Amazon business? If you found a solution, what was it?

This quarter I started selling my first medical product – at least the US customs classified it as a medical product. It is just a piece of fabric that can be used for regular cases as well as for medical cases.

I never knew about this, but each medical product needs to be FDA approved & without an FDA registration number, your goods will not enter the US. I might have been very naive, but I did not check this when I purchased 2000 units of the product. I was very lucky that my supplier had all his documents in order and had the product FDA approved, but I can imagine that most Chinese suppliers do not. This is definitely something to check before you place your order.

3. What’s your favorite part about being an Amazon seller? What’s your ‘Why’?

Freedom. I am not going to pretend that Amazon is an easy way to get rich, because it isn’t. Its a real business that requires hard work. But being able to work whenever you want, wherever you want is 100% the reason I love being an amazon seller.

4. We all know that Amazon is competitive and ever-changing. What are some strategies that you’re planning on using in 2020 to keep up with the times?

I think it is very important to always be very critical about your own decisions, and learn from your own mistakes. Everybodys always blaming someone else when their product fails: ‘This Chinese Manufacturer copied my product’ or ‘Amazon is ripping me off with this storage fee.’ I think this is a terrible way to run your business. In 2019 I made a lot of mistakes and had a bunch of failed products. I try to analyze what went wrong and how I can prevent this from happening in the future.

For example, with the mistake I made with the medical product – I will make sure to pay more attention and vet my supplier carefully. I will also start with a smaller order when I am just testing a product.

5. You’ve had some time to demo our newest tool ‘keywords on fire,’ what are your first impressions? What is your favorite feature about the tool?

I absolutely love it. I was amazed by how many statistics I was able to work with.

I expect to have to do a lot of the calculations and digging through data to find the best keywords and filter out the less popular ones – I don’t mind because I like doing that sort of thing. However, it is completely unnecessary as you guys already rank the best keywords on top!

6. From your experience so far, if you could describe Zonguru in one or two words, what would it be?

Fun! I very much enjoy using the tool. Ranking up after completing tasks is a very cool gimmick. Everything is pretty straightforward on how to get started. But once you get used to it, you will find that you can actually do a lot of advanced stuff with the tool.

7. What projects are you currently working on?

I am currently working on a very exciting free Amazon FBA tool that can help new and established sellers.

I noticed a lot of new sellers don’t really know which steps to take and make huge mistakes my skipping important details.

That’s why I have developed a checklist style tool that will tell you exactly which steps to take when you are manufacturing a product in China for example. When you have completed every step in the manufacturing phase, you can safely move on to the shipping without fearing that you’ve missed out on any important steps.

I am using this checklist myself as I am currently selling 21 different products and things can get chaotic real quick if you don’t keep track of them. I have noticed this tool is great for new sellers as well as it will guide you through the whole Amazon FBA journey for free. I have put a lot of time in writing mini – tutorials for each step, so if you are interested in selling on Amazon, you should check it out!

8. From product research to PPC & everything in between, what’s your favorite part of creating a product line?

Product research is by far the most fun for me! I absolutely love this process. The feeling when you finally find a really great niche feels like you struck gold. It is very rewarding. For reach new product, I spend at least a month doing product research. This is not just because I like it but also because I think this it eh most important step in the whole FBA process. If you mess this up, you will have a very hard time in the future.

Final thoughts

We would like to thank the Garlic Press Seller for taking this interview with us – it was very insightful and we enjoyed getting to know him! Make sure you check out his free FBA checklist tool and his awesome blog for more tips and insights.

If you’re curious about what The Garlic Press Seller has to say about ZonGuru, click here for his review!

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