Discover How to Sell More On Amazon Prime Day 2019 With These 5 Tips

Discover How to Sell More On Amazon Prime Day 2019 With These 5 Tips

Are you ready for Amazon Prime Day? Even though it’s months away, starting your preparation in advance is a good idea – especially when inventory planning to avoid any delays.

There are 3 ways sellers can benefit from Prime Day:

  1. Boost sales and profits, plus increase brand awareness
  2. Launch new products and test the marketplace
  3. Get rid of the old inventory to avoid long-term storage fees

What is Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day first launched in 2015 and is the annual shopping holiday that’s exclusive to Prime members. Prime Day is the biggest day of sales in Amazon’s history and Prime Day deals last up to 36 hours.

Amazon hasn’t officially announced the date for Prime Day 2019 but based on previous years, it will probably be held in mid-July.

Let’s dive into these 5 tips you can execute to sell more products on Prime Day.

Tip 1 – Ensure Your Product Listings Are Fully Optimized with Amazon Brand Registered Features

Before the big day, check and ensure that your product titles, bullet points, descriptions, images, and backend search terms are all up to date with the latest keywords.

If you haven’t used Keywords On Fire to find keywords that will convert into more sales, then, by all means, check it out now! You can view competitor listings that get the most traffic and conversions, then use these keywords to your advantage.

For brand registered sellers, ensure you are leveraging on the visually Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) with images and videos to increase conversion rate. Learn how to implement video into your product listing images HERE and upload video shorts to your product listing watching this tutorial video.

Tip 2 – Create Lightning Deals, Coupons, and Giveaways

One of the most popular Prime Day offers is Lightning Deals. Basically, it’s a limited-time promotional product with limited quantities, so Lightning Deals end when the promotion period runs out or the item sells out, whichever comes first.

To be eligible to run Lightning Deals, sellers must meet the following requirements:

  1. Professional Seller with at least 5 Seller Feedback Ratings per month and an overall rating of at least 3.5-stars
  2. Have a sales history and at least a 3-star rating on Amazon
  3. Include as many variations as possible
  4. Prime eligible
  5. Products must be in new condition

Unfortunately, the submission date for Lightning Deals has already ended, although the above requirements are still great for future reference. For sellers who managed to submit your deals, congratulations! For those who missed the deadline to submit your Lightning Deals, you can still use Coupons to grab the attention of customers looking for a bargain on Prime Day.

You can also take advantage of Amazon Giveaways to create a fun experience for customers. Giveaways can help promote products and drive sales for your Amazon business. Learn more on how to setup Amazon Giveaways HERE.

Tip 3 – Boost Visibility with Amazon Advertising

Below are a few tips you can implement to gain more visibility during Prime Day.

a. Optimize your existing ad campaigns using Search Term Reports. Check out our recent blog post on How to Use Search Term Report to Optimize Your Ad Campaigns. It’s also important to apply the 80/20 rule to your ad campaigns by removing 80% of ad groups that are not delivering and focus on the 20% that is bringing in sales.

b. Sellers can increase advertising campaigns’ budgets and bids to drive more traffic to product listings. It’s going to be highly competitive so be sure to get aggressive with your bids to gain more real estate on Amazon.

c. Utilize the “Dynamic Bids” strategy and also adjust your bids by placement. Amazon will increase your default bid if a click is likely to convert.

d. Adjust your daily budget accordingly to ensure you don’t run out of budget during peak hour and miss out on sales. Apart from that, you can target more audience by increasing your ad budget during peak shopping hours to gain more traffic.

e. Utilize your Amazon Storefront and insights efficiently. You can drive outside traffic (i.e. Facebook ads) to your storefront so you can track your conversion rate and other relevant data. Learn more about Amazon Storefront and Insights in our previous blog post.

Tip 4 – Utilize Your Email / Messenger Lists

Sharing is caring! So don’t forget to share your Prime Day promotions with your audience through email and Messenger subscribers. Remember to keep track of open rates so you know what type of content will spark more open rates. ZonGuru’s Email Blast feature is a great way to let customers who have ordered from you in the past 90 days know about your promos!

Don’t sweat it if your audience unsubscribes from your list, this means that they are not the right fit for your brand. Move on to grow your current email and Messenger subscriber lists with email automation. You can also remove inactive subscribers to keep your list fresh and filled with engaging subscribers.

Tip 5 – Partner Up with Influencers to Run a Special Prime Promotion

Another great way to boost sales is to partner up with existing or even new influencers for your brand. Provide a special promo code to your influencers so they can add value to their audiences, win-win situation for the both of you.

If you are new to influencer marketing, check out our article on finding influencers who will be a good fit for your brand.

Pro Tip: When sharing your posts on social media channels, use specific hashtags to promote your brand and Prime Day deals. For instance, #AmazonPrimeDay, #PrimeDayDeals, and #YourBrand.

Final Thoughts

Prime Day is definitely one of the best days to generate more sales (up there with Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas). And so it’s crucial that you are prepared to take full advantage and prepare for higher sales volume. However, if sales don’t go as planned, this is a great opportunity for you to evaluate your Amazon business and strategies.

Did you bid high enough to gain an upper hand against your competitors? Is your Prime Day deals attractive enough to pull in sales? Do you have enough inventory in stock for Prime Day and beyond? These are just a few questions you can ask yourself to identify which part of your business needs improvement so you can plan ahead for future events.

If you have any topics you’d love to learn about, drop us a comment and we will look into creating a blog post on it.

Eugene is an Amazon business coach, consultant, and blockchain enthusiast. He helps aspiring and established entrepreneurs build a highly profitable Amazon FBA business so they can unlock their true potential. Learn more about him at

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