How to Automate 80% of Your Amazon eCommerce Business Without Losing Thousands of Dollars

How to Automate 80% of Your Amazon eCommerce Business Without Losing Thousands of Dollars

Many businesses struggle from a lack of time and resources to grow their business efficiently. Are you one of many sellers who are feeling overwhelmed and short on time when running your Amazon business? Or feeling that you are the only person who could execute the task correctly? We all know that running an Amazon business requires a lot of work but it’s also true that it doesn’t have to be this tough.

What’s the solution? As the father of management, Peter Drucker would say: “Do what you do best and outsource the rest”. Just like many other sellers, the thought of outsourcing some part of your business has probably crossed your mind. Outsourcing might seem daunting for some of you because you need to spend money to get work done. However, as entrepreneurs, you have to understand that you need to spend money to generate profit. Leaving specific tasks to the experts will save you plenty of time and money.

Automating your Amazon business allows you to focus on the important aspects: growing and scaling your business. Sellers can and should leverage powerful online tools to solve specific tasks within the business.

Should You Automate Your Amazon Business?

Ask yourself, “Am I great at this task?” If the answer is “No” then you should consider outsourcing and automating it. Tasks that can be automated have the 3 following characteristics:

1. Repetitive – Tasks that need to be done on a regular basis.

Problem: For instance, sending follow up emails after a customer placed an order. You don’t want to be checking and sending follow up emails for each customer order as this is a complete waste of your time.

Solution: Leverage on email automation tools to follow up with customers. You can use ZonGuru’s email automation tool to set up email campaigns and send out emails on a timely basis. For instance, sending an ‘Order Confirmation’ email as soon as customers make a purchase followed by ‘Follow Up’ email 3-5 days post-purchase.

2. Mandatory and Vital for Your Business – Tasks that are important and necessary for your Amazon business.

Problem: Researching products and keywords on Amazon to search for your best selling product. You don’t want to be browsing through the countless pages on Amazon marketplace trying to figure out the profitability and the best keywords to use.

Solution: Leverage on product and keyword research tools to search for your best selling product. ZonGuru’s Niche Rater shows what the products you are researching are worth. Combining that with the newly released Keywords On Fire to discover and target the hottest keywords for search volume, relevancy, and competition; rest assured you will be able to find your best seller!

3. Does Not Require You to Have Constant Input – Tasks that require your constant input, such as data.

Problem: It is important that you organize your sales data into tables so you can track your progress and grow your business. Amazon does provide this data, however, they are all over the place in seller central and it takes quite a bit of navigation to locate all these pieces of data.

Solution: You want to easily access all key metrics so you can analyze your business like a pro. ZonGuru’s Business Dashboard has everything you need in one dashboard! You get a comprehensive analysis of all the products you are selling on Amazon so you know which ones are crushing it and which ones are falling short.

Use These Platforms to Help With Specific Tasks

Here are a few platforms that you can utilize to delegate tasks to freelancers, software, and services so you can focus on selling more.

1. Upwork

The platform for you to source for freelancers and get any type of work done. Be sure to evaluate freelancers and agencies by reviewing their profile and portfolio on Upwork before you hire anyone. Should the freelancer you hired not deliver as promised or you aren’t satisfied with his/her work, move on and hire another until you find a reliable person.

2. 99designs

Crowdsourcing platform for you to get creative and quality graphic designs done through competition. You can choose from multiple packages and host a competition on the platform. The competition offers huge reach for designers and lots of choice and value for your Amazon business. Designers will submit their artwork for you to choose a winner and claim your design.

There’s another platform similar to 99designs of which you can use as well – DesignCrowd. However, you will find that one is better than the other, so it depends on your luck.

3. Page.One

The platform to get your product photography done professionally with creative designs to help you sell more on Amazon. You can either use Page.One or hire a photographer locally to run a photoshoot session for your products.

Pro Tip: Check the best-sellers on Amazon to get a good idea of what images these products are using so you can create a similar style for your products.

4. ManyChat

This is a great Messenger bot platform to help you with marketing and provide customer support. Using chatbots for your business can help reduce your workload significantly. You can set up a series of message sequences to help deal with multiple situations. For instance, you can create a message sequence to provide great customer support so you don’t need to spend time replying to every customer.

5. ZonGuru’s Inventory Manager – The last thing Amazon sellers want to happen is to run out of stock. When you run out of stock, your product ranking will drop, you lose sales, and ultimately upset your customers. When you use ZonGuru’s “Your Products” tool, you can easily enter your COGS, manufacturer delivery time and shipping time so you can manage your profits and re-order timelines and never run out of stock again.

6. Google Keyword Planner & Trends

The data that Google is gathering on us is absolutely off the charts! Since all the data is out there then you might as well make full use of it. Instead of running your own survey or trying to waste time guessing what keywords people are using for searches, leave all the research and survey tasks to Google.

Using both Google Trends and Keyword Planner, you will be able to figure out what terms to use for your Amazon search term keywords. For instance, jump rope or skipping rope? Or both? Even if you are selling in the US marketplace, there’s no harm in having ‘skipping rope’ in your search term keywords.

Final Thoughts

As entrepreneurs or Amazonpreneurs, it is strategic to automate and outsource some of the work so you can focus on the bigger picture of growing your business.

We hope you find the above insights and tools helpful to automate 80% of your Amazon eCommerce business so you can get back more time to create more game-changing products; ultimately increasing your sales and profits.

Eugene Cheng

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