How to Grow & Protect your Amazon Business in 2020

How to Grow & Protect your Amazon Business in 2020

Join us for our Amazon Seller Insights talk with 7-figure guest speakers, Will and Laura Land from Marketplace Valet!

These are the topics you will learn about:
00:00 – How to Compete with Big Brands on Amazon as a small business
01:43 – Tariffs and their effects on sellers
04:37 – Leveraging an existing brand to drive sales to a new product listing
05:34 – Advice for beginners, intermediates, and experts
08:15 – Getting reviews on a brand new product

In 2001, Will and Laura Land were fresh out of college and looking to make ends meet. At the time Will had procured a contract with Sprint PCS to sell phones and cellular service B2B in Tucson, Arizona. As an incentive to gain accounts, Will would purchase phone accessories (cases, chargers, etc) at wholesale and give them away for free with the phones he sold. After several months selling this way, excess accessories started to pile up all over the Land’s home and that’s when things went online.

Now, Will and Laura are on pace to generate over $55 MILLION this year alone! They’ve also started Marketplace Valet, a service that helps other sellers expand their sales channels to over 16 marketplaces all over the world. Everything from marketplace listing, sales, warehousing, and fulfillment. Will and Laura will be sharing their story on how they scaled their PL business, some big Amazon changes that they’ve noticed in 2019, and how you can diversify and protect your brand moving forward.

Don’t miss out! ? Watch the full 60′ video here:

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