Why Sellers Should Consider Driving Outside Traffic To Their Amazon Store

Why Sellers Should Consider Driving Outside Traffic To Their Amazon Store


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According to recent studies, Amazon remains the top destination for U.S. shoppers (49%) looking to make a purchase compared with Google (36%), and other individual retailers’ websites (15%). Amazon is maintaining its lead in e-commerce so why do sellers need to be concerned about outside traffic? This is a common question among sellers and you’ve probably wondered about it as well.
The quick answer – or as I like to revert the question back to you is, “Do you want to gain access to the other 51% of shoppers?”. If the answer is “Hell yeah!”, then read on.
It is vital for sellers to focus on Amazon’s marketplace and to also take advantage of opportunities reaching out to shoppers outside Amazon. Here are a few reasons and benefits why you should drive outside traffic to your Amazon store:

1. Amazon Loves Outside Traffic

Outside traffic is one of Amazon’s major goals since it brings shoppers into their ecosystem and we can all agree that Amazon wants to drive as many customers as possible to their marketplace. One of the best ways to win on Amazon is to align yourself with Amazon’s goals since Amazon is likely to reward sellers who help them grow bigger. The more you feed the beast, the bigger and happier it gets!

2. Outside Traffic Boost Product Ranking On Amazon SERP

Shoppers are constantly searching for products to buy on Amazon. Assuming your product listings are fully optimized with keywords and are generating organic sales, it would be even more rewarding when you drive outside traffic to your product listings to increase sales volume and conversion rates.
It is wise to drive traffic first to a landing page rather than straight to your Amazon listing. Why? You’d want to capture shoppers’ email addresses to build your email list before driving them to your Amazon store or a new feature on Amazon allowing sellers to create an Amazon landing page with pre-applied coupon code. That means one less step for shoppers to make a purchase, (and we all know that the fewer steps shoppers required to take, the quicker the sale can be made and higher conversion rate).
I will write about the new Amazon landing page in the upcoming blog post so stay tuned!

3. New Opportunities For Customer Acquisition

You are able to drive outside traffic to your Amazon store where ONLY your products are shown to shoppers compared to having your listings shown side by side with competitors on Amazon SERP. This is a great opportunity for you to acquire new customers and offer your range of products.

4. Building Trust With Shoppers

Driving outside traffic to your Amazon store also leverages on Amazon’s brand which helps you build trust with shoppers. Think about it: when buying a pair of shoes, do you trust a random site or would you buy it from Amazon knowing that you will get a better price and faster shipping? Well, the answer is pretty straight forward. The e-commerce giant has built a great reputation and shoppers trust Amazon more than any other e-commerce site for purchases.

5. Differentiate Your Brand On Amazon

Another benefit of driving outside traffic to your Amazon Store is that it allows you to build a presence on Amazon and stand out from competitors who are trying to make a quick buck selling products from all range of categories.

How Can Sellers Drive Outside Traffic To Their Amazon Store

Now that you understand all the benefits of driving outside traffic to your Amazon stores, let’s take a dive into how you can best do it. Here are a few top strategies you can apply to drive outside traffic to your Amazon store:

1. Social Media Channels

Most people are on social media these days and sellers need to meet potential customers where they live. You need to take advantage of these channels and locate your ideal customers before showing them an irresistible offer.
The image below shows the golden triangle of social media channels consisting of none other than Facebook, Instagram, and Google. Sellers have the options of driving traffic from these 3 main channels to Amazon from running Facebook and Instagram ads to Adwords and Youtube video ads.

Pro Tip: Keep in mind that you can utilize Amazon store insights to track your traffic source. HERE is the article on Amazon Stores and Insights that was recently published. Using Amazon store insights, you can create a ‘Source tag’ which can be tied to your Facebook Ads tracking performance for your campaign.

2. Influencers’ Giveaways

Partnering with influencers within your product niche has great potential to scale your Amazon business. For instance, you are selling multivitamins for men, you should locate and find out influencers who are into fitness that may be interested in testing out your product. Once you’ve located these influencers, you can send out samples for them to test, review, and even run giveaways to their audiences. In return, this will help build your brand while driving outside traffic to your Amazon store when audiences visit your store and make a purchase.
Pro Tip: There are tonnes of influencers on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and also blogging platforms focusing on a variety of niches. All you need to do is search for and connect with them!

3. Email Marketing

It is important to build your email list whilst growing your Amazon business. Email marketing is one of the best strategies to drive outside traffic to your Amazon store because it’s economical and cost-effective. Email marketing allows you to reach a large number of shoppers at a rate of nearly nothing per message.
Email marketing also allows you to send tailored messages that resonate with your audience – adding value to them. For instance, you can send out emails detailing ways to better use your products, offering discount coupons for family and friends, and even introducing upcoming new products.

Final Thoughts

With the addition of outside traffic campaigns, sellers now have another powerful lever to boost sales and profits on the Amazon marketplace. One thing for sure, Amazon wins out over every other website in the entire world when it comes to conversions. Hence, you should take advantage of Amazon’s branding to drive sales as you drive outside traffic to your Amazon store.

Eugene is an Amazon business coach, consultant, and blockchain enthusiast. He helps aspiring and established entrepreneurs build a highly profitable Amazon FBA business so they can unlock their true potential. Learn more about him at https://wiseintro.co/freedomprofitsblueprint?

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