(ZG News): Cashback Keeps Flowing for Prime Members, Amazon Resurrects the Dash Wand … and Could Amazon and IKEA Be A Match Made In Heaven? Plus More!

(ZG News): Cashback Keeps Flowing for Prime Members, Amazon Resurrects the Dash Wand … and Could Amazon and IKEA Be A Match Made In Heaven? Plus More!


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The world according to Amazon is a collage of fascinating terrain. We know you’re a citizen of planet Amazon and that’s why we enjoy delivering a vast variety of tidbits, so you can see the wondrous eco-system of which you are an intricate part. Third-party sellers are the gravitational pull that keeps Amazon rotating 24/7/365 days a year. Over 47% of units shipped out to customers are by you. Without your dedication, motivation and inspiration to offer products on Amazon, it would be a much slower-paced, lonely planet. Next time you have a bad sale day or receive a review from someone who got up on the wrong side of the bed; remember, this whole interconnected system is actually on your side and wants the same thing you do: To be successful!

Get 2% Cashback with Amazon Prime Reload

You know we must be getting closer to Prime day (some time mid-July) because Amazon has created a luring new perk called Amazon Prime Reload whereby members get 2% cashback on purchases. But get this, even if a Prime member isn’t paying for items using an Amazon cashback card, they STILL get 2%.

How does this new rewards program work? It kicks in when members load funds into their Amazon Balance using a debit card attached to their bank’s checking account. (Bank routing number is required plus a U.S. driver’s license number). Every time you reload your card, your 2% rewards will be added instead of being calculated on a per transaction basis.

Aside from a boatload of membership advantages, the Amazon Prime Reload encourages people to load large lump sums into their Amazon Balance so that they never accidentally pay for an item with their debit or credit card directly. A member could basically decide how much money they spend on a monthly average (or more) and have that money already uploaded and available.

With additional funds just sitting around in their Amazon account, that could prompt shoppers to make more impromptu purchases simply based on how much money they still have in their account. If this all sounds familiar, that’s because it is essentially the same as having a gift card with money on it, ready to be used. Only in this scenario you are the one giving yourself the gift card.

In case you’re wondering, it doesn’t work with the 5% Amazon Prime Rewards visa or Amazon Prime Store card rewards.

Quite a clever tactic to get Prime members to spend even more than they already do!

Here’s How To Set It Up

More Reasons to Take Alexa Home

Amazon has resurrected their Dash Wand (a wi-fi barcode scanner that wasn’t a hit a few years ago) and integrated it with the fabulous one-touch, voice activated Alexa to come up with a novel kitchen device. Dash Wand was originally designed for AmazonFresh markets but now it synergistically works for Amazon shoppers at home.

In a video scenario you can ask Alexa for a recipe and the necessary ingredients. You can then use the Dash Wand to scan barcodes for items you may be low on; tell Alexa to add other non-scannable items to a list; then, have AmazonFresh deliver it or run down to an Amazon Go store where everything will be ready for pick up without standing in line to pay. Even without those stores available, you can still upload a shopping list to your smart phone easy peasy.

At the moment, this must-have marvel is available for Prime Members only. And it’s essentially free (for a limited time), priced at $20 and shipping with a $20 rebate off your first Amazon purchase after registering it.

“Dinner is served”, as Julia Child would say.

Watch Alexa & Dash Wand Work Their Magic

Could IKEA and Amazon Be a Heavenly Match?

The famous Swedish furniture brand is waking up to the fact that digital platforms are changing the competitive landscape. Essentially, IKEA wants to target more online customers by tapping into those who already shop on Amazon and Alibaba. Although nothing is official just yet, IKEA plans to sell its products on websites other than its own as soon as 2018…and Amazon has said they have plans to venture into the furniture market. But it’s all hush hush right now and no contracts are signed just yet.

That being said, you actually can buy some IKEA products on Amazon right now. However, 1) it’s not a super robust line of items that the megastore IKEA carries; and 2) these items are mostly being sold by sellers other than IKEA.

If IKEA jumps onto the Amazon platform themselves, this recent news might have those third-party sellers shaking in their shoes. On the other hand, this would be a huge win for anyone with Prime, since you can completely bypass IKEA’s exorbitant shipping rates (about $129 for a $299 chair) and take advantage of Amazon’s famous free two-day shipping. Although it’s hard to imagine IKEA flooding fulfilment centers with oversized items, perhaps they would extend that 2-day free shipping to Amazon shoppers and ship it out directly from an IKEA warehouse?

Only time will tell how this unfolds. The prospect is exciting to imagine…clickety clicking your IKEA order is on it’s way replacing an entire day spent walking through their brick and mortar maze.

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Betting on Amazon Stocks Because of Groceries

There’s a lot of excitement around Amazon’s stock prices growing in leaps and bounds. Experts have changed their projections based on increases that have been on point thus far. Analyst Anthony DiClemente is anticipating an increase from $975 per share to $1,100. What’s the hype all about? Amazon’s latest move (amongst a million other simultaneously running adventures) which expands into the food business.

This is one race which risk-takers are betting Amazon will win and boost the next great surge in their stock prices. As you know analysts are all about the numbers and Amazon has proven to be taking the lead with sales growing marginally faster than Walmart and substantially faster than Costco: The two major players also vying for the grocery market.

Since it’s all about convenience, Amazon is dedicated to getting AmazonFresh (which is grocery delivery service available to nearby Prime members) and Amazon Go (no checkout required). Although those two services are still in beta testing, you can easily see where Amazon is headed and it’s got investors drooling.

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One Moment Please…

Are Only 250 Characters Indexing on the Backend Search Terms???

That is the question being asked because there are rumors that Amazon has actually changed the backend search terms from 1000 characters per line (5 lines in total) to a mere 250 characters total. Rather than add to the fire of hearsay, the ZonGuru team along with its sister companies (Market Hustle and Reliable Education) are deep diving into this eyebrow raising question. The in-depth research results will be presented in full as soon as the evidence is clear. This is what happens when Amazon makes a change (if in fact they have) without announcing it officially. We’re going to get you facts, tested results and deliver the real low down. So hang tight, we’re on it.

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