(ZG News) – Cyber Five Weekend Preparation Tips for Sellers to Generate Huge Profits, Amazon Right-Hand Column Ads Discontinued, and Amazon Go – The World’s Most Advanced Shopping Technology

(ZG News) – Cyber Five Weekend Preparation Tips for Sellers to Generate Huge Profits, Amazon Right-Hand Column Ads Discontinued, and Amazon Go – The World’s Most Advanced Shopping Technology


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Cyber Five Weekend Preparation Tips for Sellers to Generate Huge Profits

One of the best weeks of the year is just around the corner! The Black Friday Cyber Monday weekend is a tremendous opportunity for your Amazon business to generate huge profits. A total of $3.45 billion was spent online alone for last year’s Cyber Monday deals period, according to Adobe Digital Insights. You need to be prepared for massive holiday sales as early as possible and start letting your customers know about your upcoming sale weeks in advance. Let’s take a quick look at the dates for this year’s cyber five weekend.

We have created this 7-point checklist to put you in the best position possible to not only succeed and generate more profits during the cyber five weekend, but also minimize your stress during this period.

Ready? Let’s go!

1. Planning Ahead

I always emphasize the importance of planning ahead of time. Whether it’s planning for the upcoming week – or in this case, planning for the upcoming cyber five weekend. You need to look at your products and plan your sales ahead of time instead of throwing a sale at the last minute.

A great way to do so is by using Google Sheets and choose products (all would be ideal) you want to run a sale on and schedule their start & end dates, sale prices, coupon codes, and other vital info. This may seem obvious but you’d be surprised how many sellers don’t do this and often use the excuse “I’ve got it in my head!”. By planning ahead, you can refer to your plans throughout the sales period instead of scrambling around at the last minute.

2. Let Your Creativity Flow

Now is the time to let your creativity flow by creating promotional images for the cyber five weekend. You can create posters for your Facebook page, Instagram account, Amazon product listings, company website, Pinterest, and other channels where you promote your products. Don’t worry if you’re not a graphic designer, you can either outsource it or use existing templates from Canva.

3. Amazon Sponsored Ads

It’s important to plan ahead for your ads so that you make the most out of your ad spend. Keep in mind that keyword bids can get more expensive during the competitive holiday season depending on your niche. This means that you will need to increase your daily budget and keyword bids to increase visibility and stay competitive.

Pro Tip: A simple strategy you can use to maximize your ad spend is to keep your daily ad budget to a minimum of $1 throughout the day THEN boost it up later during these two periods:

  • 9am – 12pm PST
  • 7pm – 9pm PST

According to xSellco, sales peaked during those two periods during cyber five weekend. And you obviously want to capitalize on that. The main reason behind keeping daily ad budget at a minimum of $1 is to keep the Amazon A9 algorithm on the move while collecting data. Similar to driving (when you hit the breaks and then accelerate again), the algorithm has to restart and build the momentum once more (collect data and display ads in the most efficient way).

4. Build Anticipation

Just like any other event, you want to build buzz and suspense before the sales weekend to have a bigger success. A great example is Apple – and how they build anticipation before each keynote speech.

Tease your customers by sending out emails of what’s to come, post sneak-peeks of upcoming sales on social media, and start piquing the curiosity of your customers. The sooner you begin, the more momentum you will build. So get those emails and posts rolling!

5. Facebook Ads

Aside from Amazon Sponsored ads, you can run Facebook ads to a mobile optimized landing page to capture customer emails in exchange for a discount coupon. This is to further take advantage of shoppers constantly looking for great deals. Keep in mind to focus on great ad copy and creative images to capture customers’ attention, opt-in, and make a purchase on your Amazon store.

Pro Tip: Be sure to have retargeting pixels on your landing page to retarget and ‘follow’ customers whenever they go.

6. Optimize Product Listing

Be sure that your product listings are fully optimized. One important aspect to focus on is scarcity; many frantic shoppers are looking for the best deals during this cyber five weekend. Implement scarcity language such as “limited quantity available” or “limited time” as it will likely increase sales and conversions. You can learn more about Amazon SEO and the ultimate guide to optimize your product listings HERE.

7. Follow Up

Don’t just make the sale and not follow up with your customers. You want to turn those seasonal, one-time shoppers into lifetime customers! Keep your customers engaged all year round by staying active on social media and sending out valuable emails to your subscribers. Keep in mind that you are in this Amazon business for the long run, hence you need to care and nurture the relationship with your customers to ensure they become customers for life.


Hopefully this post has put you in a better position to succeed during this upcoming cyber five weekend and holiday season events. The above checklist should be sufficient for you to prepare so start implementing those strategies today. Should you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment below as I engage and respond to everyone.

Amazon Right-Hand Column Ads Discontinued

When was the last time you searched for a product on Amazon and noticed the right-hand column ads missing? That’s right, Amazon has officially removed the right-hand column ads. So what does this mean for Amazon sellers, particularly those who run Sponsored Products ads to scale their businesses? Images below show how Amazon has pulled the plug on right-hand column ads.



So, why did Amazon remove the right-hand column ads?

For customers, Sponsored Product ads will blend in more seamlessly with organic listings, meaning it won’t be so obvious to determine which listings are paid placements and which are organic. This also makes Amazon shopping experience more consistent across mobile and desktop, as right-hand column ads were only displayed on desktop searches. Not to forget the Headline Search ads opened to 3rd party sellers recently in August.

The point is, Amazon is putting customer experience first. Let me explain why. Amazon is looking to capitalize on both sides of the coin, the ad spend and sale. Amazon wants to match the keyword and bid with the advertiser and product that will most likely lead to click and subsequently the sale. All parties (Amazon, seller, and customer) win in this case.

On the other hand, should Amazon make a bad match between the customer and the advertised product, all parties are left with a click but no conversion. The customer has not found the ideal product and the seller has paid for a click but didn’t receive a conversion. The truth is, Amazon puts customer experience first as opposed to sellers and will always find the opportunity to put the right ad in front of the right customer at the right time.

What are the consequences for advertisers/sellers?

Firstly, your ad impressions will drop because fewer ads displayed will result in fewer impressions. Be prepared for an increase in Amazon Sponsored product ads cost. Supply and demand states that as a commodity (ad placement spots) becomes more scarce, its value will increase, thus driving up the price (cost per click). Sellers need to watch their numbers more carefully and be willing to spend more to acquire a customer.

Amazon now shines the torch at Headline Search ads since removing the right hand column ads. Sellers who are eligible to use Headline Search ads, please take advantage of this golden opportunity. This placement has always been a high-performing location and will become increasingly so since the right hand column ads are gone.

So, what’s next?

Amazon might test new ad placements throughout the platform. You’d probably noticed ads are shown on the product listing page, the Add to Cart/Subscribe space, and the checkout page, etc.

Product Listing Page

Add to Cart/Subscribe Space

Checkout Page

All of these ads are Sponsored Products ad placements. Ads displayed on product detail pages are derived from both manual and auto-targeting campaigns, but the other two placements are auto-targeting limited. Amazon will continue to make changes to improve the marketplace and buying experience so it’s important that sellers stay up to date with the latest changes and news.

Amazon Go – The World’s Most Advanced Shopping Technology

Amazon Go is a new store like no other with no checkout required. Yes, you heard it right, no checkout required! Amazon has created the world’s most advanced shopping technology so customers never have to wait in line ever again. With the ‘Just Walk Out’ shopping experience, simply use the Amazon Go app to enter the store, grab the products you want, and go!

Amazon’s advanced technology automatically detects when products are taken from or returned to the shelves while keeping track of them in a virtual cart. When you’re done shopping, you can just leave the store. Amazon will charge your account and send you a receipt. To get started, all you need is an Amazon account, a smartphone, the Amazon Go app, and you are ready to go! (Pun intended). No lines, no checkout, no worries!

Eugene is an Amazon business coach, consultant, and blockchain enthusiast. He helps aspiring and established entrepreneurs build a highly profitable Amazon FBA business so they can unlock their true potential. Learn more about him at wiseintro.co/FreedomProfitsBlueprint

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