(ZG News): Optimize Your Product Listing With 10 Core Components of Copywriting, Amazon Headline Ads Opened to 3rd Party Sellers, and Prepare to Lift Off With Amazon Prime Air

(ZG News): Optimize Your Product Listing With 10 Core Components of Copywriting, Amazon Headline Ads Opened to 3rd Party Sellers, and Prepare to Lift Off With Amazon Prime Air


So that you know everything we know

10 Core Components of Copywriting to Write Winning Sales Copies for Higher Sales and Profits

1. Headline: Your headline is one of most vital factors when trying to sell to your audience: it’s 90 cents on the dollar! A great headline will capture customers’ attention and entice them to want to read more about your product and make the decision to buy from you.

Pro Tip: Google “writing catchy headlines” and use the examples that appear as a guide to help you craft your own unique headline. HERE’s a pdf of “100 Good Advertising Headlines” by Victor Schwab.

2. Describe The Problem: You want to describe the core problem customers are facing which your product can solve through a compelling and relatable story. Storytelling is a great way to educate your customers on Why your company exist, How you go about your mission, and finally, What your company does. As the famous statement goes “facts tell, stories sell”.

3. Provide The Solution: Once you have described the problem, you’d want to provide a solution to your potential customers. Don’t forget to state your product claims as well. For instance, a $30 glucosamine for dogs will ease pain in your dog’s joints so they can spend more time playing with the family.

4. Credibility: You want to establish credibility for your products so that customers feel comfortable buying from you. Be sure to include any certifications or studies to build trust with customers.

5. Benefits THEN Features: State all those benefits customers will gain when they buy from you before listing out the product features. To figure out the benefits, just ask yourself, “What can my product do for my customers?” Keep in mind that customers buy product benefits and not features.

6. Social Proof: Most of you know that product reviews are key to removing any doubts customers might have about your product. Before making any purchases, just like you and I, customers will check the reviews to ensure that the product has little to no major complaints. A great strategy is to quote experts or customer reviews in your product description to further endorse your product.

7. Your ‘Godfather’ Offer: What will your customers receive when they make a purchase? Are you offering any seasonal promotions or discounts? Or do you offer product bundling when customers make a purchase? This is one of the important factors customers seek so be sure to include any offers you might have.

8. Bulletproof Guarantee: Who doesn’t love a promise and security? By including a solid guarantee, you can remove all risk from buyers AND stand out in a cluttered marketplace. This can mean a warranty or simply provide a flexible return policy for customers. These guarantees make the decision to buy that much easier.

9. Scarcity: We live in an ever-procrastinating society and you need to tell your customers that they shouldn’t wait any longer to make a purchase or else the promotion will end or your product may run out. Let them know if you only have a limited quantity available for sale or if this price is only available until a certain date. But be sure you are always honest when making claims so you are not caught in a line and seen as being a cunning salesperson.

10. CTA (Call-to-Action): Last but not least, you need to tell your customers exactly what to do. Please do not assume that customers know what to do, most of the time customers need you to point them in the right direction – so shine the torch to illuminate your product!

Now that you’ve learned about the 10 core components of copywriting, try applying these strategies and write winning sales copies for your products.


Amazon Headline Search Ads Officially Opened to 3rd Parties

Amazon Headline Search Ads are now available on Seller Central! Headline Search Ads previously were reserved for only Amazon Vendors; people who sold their products directly to Amazon at wholesale prices through the Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) platform.

What Exactly Are Headline Search Ads?

Headline Search Ads are pay per click ads, driven by keywords, and appear across the top of Amazon’s SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Headline Search Ads are considered top-of-the-funnel ads because potential customers who click through these ads are typically at the beginning of their buying journey; thus will increase sales conversions.

Each Headline Search Ad includes your headline copy, logo, and three product images.

The ads look like this on desktop:

And like this on mobile:

Let Me In Already!

There are a few prerequisites in order to run these ads: you need to be a Professional Seller with a registered brand and have at least three products in your storefront. Once you have those under your belt, simply navigate to ‘Campaign Manager’ under  ‘Advertising’ in seller central and you will see it like so:

Similar to Sponsored Product Ads, you can choose to use the suggested keywords or use your own keywords extract from Amazon tools.

Pro Tip: The headline and text in your ad copy should match the keywords that are the used for your products keeping it consistent. That way, you will have a higher click through rate.

HERE’s the Headline Search Ads guideline provided by Amazon. Be sure to go through it to learn more about different keyword targeting and other best practices.

Amazon Prime Air: Prepare for Liftoff

Amazon Prime Air – A delivery service from Amazon that will deliver packages up to five pounds in 30 minutes or less using small drones. Prime Air has great potential to enhance the services Amazon already provide to millions of customers by providing rapid parcel delivery that will also increase the overall safety and efficiency of the transportation system.

According to the promo video, drone delivery will work just like any other Amazon shipment. Customers’ orders will be picked from the warehouse, boxed up, and placed on an assembly line. Then, instead of heading to the delivery truck, shipments will be sent to drones and then lift off to the skies.

Amazon drones will have sensing technology to avoid obstacles along the way and they’ll reach speeds of up to 60 miles per hour, so most deliveries can be done in 30 minutes or less. Meanwhile, customers will get a notification on their phone or tablet informing them that the shipment is arriving soon. Amazon-branded mats are laid out in the yard or on flat areas allowing drones for guided and secure landings.

Despite Amazon’s recent successful drone demo in the U.S., there’s still no official launch date for Amazon Prime Air. Amazon will have to wait for the Federal Aviation Administration to craft rules about how to fly over populated areas and beyond the line of sight of the operator…and that could take years.

Are you eager to see Amazon make this science fiction come true? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

Eugene is an Amazon business coach, consultant, and blockchain enthusiast. He helps aspiring and established entrepreneurs build a highly profitable Amazon FBA business so they can unlock their true potential. Learn more about him at wiseintro.co/FreedomProfitsBlueprint

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