California Residents - Renewal Term

For Californian Residents

In accordance with The California Automatic Renewal Law, California Business and Professions Code §17600,et seq. (the Automatic Renewal Law) you will be required to acknowledge and agree to the following terms BEFORE you sign up for our software subscription:

(a) This is an automatic renewal subscription that begins with a 7-Day free trial. If you do not cancel the subscription within 7 days your credit card will be charged either monthly or annually (depending on the plan you choose) until such time as you do cancel the subscription. If you do cancel the subscription within 7 days you will not be charged at all. 

(b) If you wish to cancel outside of the free trial period, we do not offer refunds of any kind on the unused portion of whatever plan you purchased.

(c) To cancel the subscription at any time, simply login to using the details you will create in the signup process. Go to the settings tab in the left hand menu and then click “Cancel Subscription”. Alternatively you can email and request for us to do it. So long as the email is sent before the 7 day free trial ends, you will not be charged or if there is any kind of delay on our side that cuases your card to be debited, you will be refunded in full. Please be sure to include your name and the email address that you used to sign up for the subscription or trial. 

(c) You can contact ZonGuru by mail – ZonGuru Pte Ltd. 101B Telok Ayer Stree, Suite 03-02, Singapore, 068574. By email – By our toll free number +1 800 678 8976. By our website

We will ask for your agreement to these terms during the signup process.

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