IP Monitor

IP Monitor allows you to track any product on Amazon for potential theft of intellectual property relating to product photos. You’ll have the ability to set security preferences for the products you sell to receive alerts anytime someone tries to use an identical photo, or, even when a seller that has attempted to resize or alter the original image. Now you can be sure your hard work, creative energy, and money isn’t being piggybacked by a lazy seller.

Monitor Protects Against Sellers Trying to Steal Your Intellectual Property

Add the ASIN for any product that you sell on Amazon and receive instant alerts whenever someone tries to rip-off your photos. IP Monitor’s unique, intelligent algorithm can track thieves stealing your images with up to 99% accuracy so you’ll always be in the know. 

Receive Instant Email Alerts with a Link To Report Theft Directly to Amazon

You’ll receive an email the second we detect a seller has tried to use one of your images as their own (along with a link to report the seller directly to Amazon). Sweet justice! 

Set the Security Levels That Fit Your Business Best

IP Monitor allows you to choose between three distinct security levels so you can pick the setting that makes the most sense for your business. 

Not that worried about sellers trying to poach your images but want to stay in the know? Set your security preferences to low. Want us to detect images that may have even been altered or resized by the blackhat seller? Then set your preferences to high! 

IP Monitor Currently Tracks Across 13 Marketplaces … With More On The Way!

Whether you sell in North America, Europe, or Asia – ZonGuru will have your images protected with coverage of 13 unique marketplaces and counting! 

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