Keyword Rank Tracking

Keyword Rank Tracking shows you where your product ranks everyday in respect to various keywords you are trying to rank for. This tool is invaluable because it can be a great first place to look if you notice that your product is suddenly not selling as well as it has in the past.

By measuring the effectiveness of each of your keywords you will be well equipped to intelligently make changes to your keywords and boost your sales.

Invaluable reporting

The Keyword Rank Tracking tool shows you the most important pieces of information you might need when analyzing a product’s keywords. Namely, where your keywords are currently ranked, how the rank has changed over time, and how the keyword is trending. All of this information is easily viewable if you simply click on the product you want to look at. And now track your products keyword ranking up to position 200!

Easily edit products you are tracking

Whether you want to add a tag to a product to make it easier to find internally, or you want to add more keywords to tracking, editing tracked products has never been easier. Simply go to the product and click the icon that says ‘Edit’, make the changes you would like, and click ‘Save’.

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