Review Automator

ZonGuru’s team of expert sellers always stay on top of Amazon’s ever-changing TOS. We designed Review Automator from the ground up to always be in compliance with Amazon’s rules. This means you have a fast, easy, and reliable way to stay in touch with your customers and always get the 5-star reviews you deserve. All while never leaving the Seller Central UI.

Build A Brand Customers Can Trust

5-star reviews are one of the most important things any successful Amazon business needs. It means your customers like your product, and will more likely return to you for business. It also attracts new customers. The more 5-star reviews you have, the more money you make. It’s that simple. With Review Automator, you never miss an opportunity to land another 5-star review, and build a recognizable brand that customers trust.

Only Send To Satisfied Customers

If someone’s not happy with your product, you probably shouldn’t ask them for a review. Review Automator automatically filters out any orders from customers who, for any reason, might leave you a less-than-5-star review. Filter out things such as: ineligible orders, pending orders, and refunded orders. Never worry about sending out a review request to the wrong customer again.

Aboveboard Communication

The ZonGuru team is always ahead of the curve. Our partnership with Amazon means we stay up to date with any new changes to Amazon’s TOS. We read the fine print so you can focus on your business. With Review Automator, rest easy knowing that every review request sent out complies with Amazon’s TOS.

Seller Central Integration

ZonGuru designs every single one of its tools with ease of use in mind, and Review Automator is no exception. Send bulk review requests with a simple click of the mouse. All done within Seller Central, so you see exactly what’s going on. With Review Automator, you’re in complete control.

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