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SaleSpy’s software tracks sales data of products being sold on Amazon so that you have a greater
understanding of how a product is performing on the market in real time!

SaleSpy is an essential tool that gives you the ability to better understand the sales demand of a product
and to help you better decide if the product category opportunity is right for you.

Adding a product couldn’t be easier

Adding a product couldn’t be easier

Tracking a product has never been easier! All you need to do is copy the URL or ASIN associated with that product on Amazon and paste it in the ‘Add Product’ box.

Sales data is generated for a product when you begin to track it - so the more time you spend tracking that product the better the insight will be on the sales revenue potential for that product. Once you click the ‘Add Product’ button you can sit back and begin to view and analyze the data that we generate for you!

Bulk add ASINs

Bulk add ASINs

Want to begin tracking a bunch of products at once? Not a problem. Simply separate each ASIN or URL by a comma and you can add a list of products in just a couple of clicks.


Track across different marketplaces

SaleSpy doesn’t just receive sales data for You can also see how a category is selling on,,,,,,, and

Use the market drop down button while adding a product ASIN or URL to see how a product is selling in markets across the globe.


Organize your tracked products seamlessly

Organizing your products just got easier. Now you can separate products into customizable categories to keep your tracked products organized the way that you want.

Simply create a tab, customize the tab name, and use the drop down feature to add the product into the category you have created.

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