Why ZonGuru?

ZonGuru’s tools have been created for you as Amazon Sellers, but with an understanding that you are also a business owner


You are selling products on Amazon yes, but you have also created a company, a brand and you’re involved in a
full business cycle that requires business intelligence at every point.

Here at ZonGuru, we are all Amazon Sellers and we have built this software to help optimize your business for
sales, profits and customers. Every tool has been built through the lense of “business owners” to ensure we
provide the right information that will really make a difference to your business.

More Features, one login, one cost

All Amazon sellers know that software is critical for researching, marketing and running their businesses. The problem is, the collective cost of subscribing to several software solutions to do everything you need is getting more and more expensive. With ZonGuru you pay one monthly fee for 7 tools with more on the way!

Stick with ZonGuru and grow your arsenal of business tools

Our team is committed to continue improving our current tools as adding new tools. We are laser focused on developing one software platform that will help you with every aspect of your business. As we learn and innovate, we’ll be passing this all over to you and your business.

You’re part of our team now

Our mission is to help you improve your business so wherever we can help we’ll do our best to provide you with best-in-class technologies, and service. If you have an idea, if you have a request, just ask and we’ll get the team to jump on it! The more we grow and improve as a team, the better we will all be at kicking ass as Amazon Sellers!

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