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Finding and organizing your orders and customer contacts isn’t easy on Seller Central. We’ve fixed that problem for sellers.

Always be able to find your customers

Receive a bad review, or a refund request and want to learn more from your customer? Now you can easily search by customer name, ASIN, marketplace, etc. to find the customer you’re looking for in the blink of an eye. And now we provide you with a link that will take you directly to the Seller Central messaging page for that customer so you can make sure they have what they need to be a happy customer.

Search for orders by time filter or marketplace

Need to follow up with customers that have purchased from you in a specific marketplace during a certain time period? We’ve got you covered. Use the filters at the top of the page to see only the orders that you want to see, then simply and efficiently reach out to those customers inside the Seller Central messaging interface.

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