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Niche Rater

Research product categories with speed and ease

See how easy it is to be profitable in any category when you have an inside look at product prices, bestseller ranks, reviews, ratings, estimated sales, and more for any listing on Amazon. Our Chrome Extension helps make product research a more intuitive process and gives you the tools to feel confident when deciding whether or not to invest in a new product.

Keywords on Fire

We Show You Exactly What Keywords To Use To Maximize Your Sales

We’re taking keyword research to the next level. With Keywords on Fire you’ll gain access to the very best keywords for your listing. We start by generating a massive list of the keywords your customers use and let our industry leading algorithm do the rest. With Keywords on Fire you’ll discover which keywords drive the most searches and sales – but most importantly, which ones make the most sense for you to compete for. We take the guesswork out of keyword research to help you drive more clicks and convert more sales.

Business Dashboard

All Your Important Business Metrics at Your Fingertips

Being able to view your Amazon business’s most important trends and metrics is vital. Without this information you may not fully understand how your business is performing or what it’s worth! That’s where we come in.

Love / Hate

The most seamless way to manufacture the perfect product

Our brand new Love / Hate tool takes the guesswork out of product differentiation. We’ll tell you exactly what customers love and hate about a product so you can contact your supplier and tell them exactly what you need to ensure your customers receive the perfect product.

Email Automator

Build and nurture relationships with your customers, automatically

Better connectedness means better engagement, and we help streamline that. Strategically automated email responses can really help to boost reviews and feedback, build a loyal fanbase and stay ahead of issues.

+ 7 more powerful tools

Never run out of inventory again

Never run out of inventory again! Enter your COGS, manufacturer delivery time and shipping time so you can manage your profits and re-order timelines and never lose track of the most important aspects of your business.

Find the order your are looking for instantly

Finding and responding to a customer who has left a good or bad review has never been easier. You can now search or scroll through your orders so that you can instantly reach out to your customers and make sure that they are satisfied with your products.

Remain in control of your business at all times

Stay in the know at all times with the new Product Monitor feature. Receive instant alerts on any product review or any type of listing hijack and remain in control of your business.

You Intellectual Property will never miss a beat

One of the most influential and important parts of your product listing is your product photography, right? The time and creative energy that goes into perfecting each unique photo is palpable. Now imagine someone downloading those images and re-posting them as their own.

Luckily, IP Monitor allows you to easily detect and report shady sellers trying to steal your intellectual property.

Monitor the performance of your keywords

Use our Keyword Tracker to easily monitor where your products rank for important keywords. Amazon’s search engine is a gold mine of potential customers; all they have to do is find you!

This tool removes the need for manual keyword checking, allowing you to optimize your listings and grow sales.

Spy on Your Competition’s Backend Listing Copy for Ultimate Insight

Have you ever wondered what keywords your competition is using in their backend listing copy to drive extra traffic? You’re in luck! Keyword Spotlight now allows you to pull your competitor’s backend listing copy so you can easily see what phrases and misspellings they use to drive that last little bit of extra traffic.

See the unseeable with Keyword Spotlight!

Boost sales by improving your listing visibility

It’s critical that your listings are optimized with the right keywords. We help you instantly analyze your listing’s visibility for all key search terms, making sure you’re seen and generating maximum sales!

Track monthly sales data for any Amazon product

Your success depends on choosing products with high demand and top profit margins. And we don’t guess!

The sales intelligence we share with you is pulled from fresh, real data taken directly from Amazon’s API.

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Hottest Amazon
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Searching for a product? Access the ultimate product guide here!

Try our FREE
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Daily tools you can start
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