3 Key Strategies to Successfully Launch New Products on Amazon

3 Key Strategies to Successfully Launch New Products on Amazon


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After countless weeks of researching and sourcing a new product, applying to Amazon’s Brand Registry, shipping inventory for FBA and setting up a listing; your product is live…now what? It’s time to implement your strategies to launch it! Sounds easy enough, doesn’t it? Well, here’s the thing: Amazon sells tons of products. In fact, at the end of 2016, they had 368,876,590 different products ranging across many categories. Even with 5.7 million daily site visitors sifting through millions of products, yours simply might not get their attention. But don’t lose hope. You can definitely maximize your product visibility and entice shoppers to select the Buy Now button if you include these 3 Key Strategies in your new product launch plan.

First, Go to Your Inner Circle

What’s the initial way to create awareness that your product even exists? Generate a buzz about it. Start with friends and family of course. Even if they don’t buy it, they can let their other friends know that you’ve launched a new product and suggest to keep on sharing it with even more people.

This comes with a precautionary heads up however. Amazon views getting your direct family (and close friends) to write product reviews as against Terms of Service. It’s a bit eerie, but they actually DO have their ways of finding out. It will mean their review won’t be posted and you could get a warning notification from Seller Support. Family can buy it, just not review it. That’s okay, because our primary objective is to obtain sales by increasing product awareness in circles that extend way beyond your direct clan.

Next, Create a Facebook Page for Your Brand

If you have a personal Facebook page, you can also set up a business or brand/product page in just a few minutes. Drive traffic to it by letting your current followers know about your new Amazon venture, brand and product. It’s an excellent way to grow awareness.

Frequently write posts on this new Facebook page. Brainstorm ways to talk about the subject around your product that make for interesting, clever and even funny tidbits. This will lure people to like your page and share your posts which can exponentially grow. For example, if your product is pet related, there is tons of fodder for super creative posts that include adorable pictures of pets with their humans. Be sure to include your product with a link to your Amazon page.

Run Amazon Promotion Campaigns

Amazon wants Sellers to be able to compete with each other because they know shoppers love finding the best deal. That’s why there are 5 promotion campaigns available to every Seller from their dashboard:

Promotions can be great…but they only provide the kind of results you hope for when Amazon shoppers see them. Although 55% of people go to Amazon first when searching for products according to a 2016 poll by BloomReach Inc.; you aren’t guaranteed they will find yours simply based on that fact that you’re running a promotion on Amazon.

Reach More Amazon Shoppers

An excellent option of exposing your promotion campaign to a massive number of people who are actually Amazon Prime shoppers, is by finding a trustworthy, fully TOS compliant company with an established extensive member base. They do all of the work for you by delivering your coupon codes to prospective customers and reaching shoppers who already love Amazon.

Don’t be tempted to use companies who are promoting the acquisition of product reviews along with the disbursement of your promotional coupons. While product reviews play a valuable role in building customer confidence, you want to gain them organically. That is, via customers inspired to write one because they actually had a great experience using your product. These authentic reviews make the difference when customers are scanning them and have a direct influence on their purchasing decision.

Run Facebook Ads

Facebook is known as the largest and fastest growing social platform. With 1.86 billion active monthly users, there are plenty of opportunities to run targeted ads, expand your product buzz and drive traffic directly to your product listing.

What makes Facebook so attractive is their ability to effectively identify and target specific segments since it collects meta-data from its users. This gold-mine resource enables Amazon Sellers to precisely target their ideal audience with easy-to-create ads and advertising campaigns right from your Facebook dashboard. Not only does this increase potential sales, but it also gives your product a boost in organic rankings by increasing sales velocity and conversion rates.

Take note that It’s important to maintain control over the quantity of units you want to give away in your promotion, so keep this under control by generating a specific quantity for single use coupon codes.

Reach Out to Your Existing Amazon Customers

In a previous article called Drive Your Amazon Business Forward With Automated Emails the recommendation to send out after-sale automated emailing is an excellent way to develop repeat customers and proliferate your brand awareness. ZonGuru makes this incredibly simple with their email template and automator.

Remember, this is also a valuable existing fan base to reach out to with the promotions you’re running for newly launched products. Your credibility has already been established, they know the quality of your current products and they just might be excited about the newest addition to your Amazon store.

First Impressions

If your ads are working like they should, then once shoppers land on your product page it’s time to wow them with compelling content and images. You have only a few seconds to grab a buyer’s attention and keep them on your page. When done well, optimized listings work 24/7/365.

Your Product Title – Write titles that make sense to your customers. Product Titles are one of the most important sources of quick information since shoppers skim them for instant information.

Bullet Points – Bullet points are an absolute must and should be written to answer anticipated concerns, multiple usage ideas and important details a customer would want to know. They too should be easily readable to avoid losing conversions based on customers being confused. Write in a way that flows and make sure each line talks about a different key attribute of your product. Always spell check and have others read it for feedback.

Product Description – The product description is the section to expand on your bullet points. It’s also another part of your product page that you have control over so don’t skimp on the content. The content in this section should definitely improve the buyer experience by continuing to help prospective customers imagine they are using your product right

Images Product photos are a central element to every product listing. It is a powerful selling tool that complements product titles, bullet points and descriptions. Since your potential customers can’t physically touch or experience your product first hand; it’s up to your product photos to persuade them once they find their way to your product page. That’s how important product images are: They have the ability to sway a buyer’s purchasing decision.

An optimized listing includes having professional product photos to complete a super appealing, persuasive product page. This leads to far more sales as a result.

Building Momentum

It can be nerve wracking and exciting at the same time when launching a new product. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first or hundredth item. Tactics may be the same yet launch results are rarely identical. Although the ultimate goal is to increase sales velocity; implementing these 3 Key Strategies to launch your new product on Amazon will let people know your products exists, lead customers to your product listing and excite them to select the Buy Now button. That’s the way successful Amazon businesses are manifested.

Tina Marie Bueno is a global citizen with an MBA in Int’l Business plus over 20 years of content marketing experience both in the U.S. and overseas. As the Lead Writer for ZonGuru she strives to deliver relevant content to serve Amazon Sellers grow their businesses.

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