Pixelfy.me: What Top Amazon Sellers are Buzzing About

Pixelfy.me: What Top Amazon Sellers are Buzzing About


So that you know everything we know

A new software has been gaining massive popularity in the Amazon-sphere and it might just help you build a larger audience at a fraction of the price. Meet Pixelfy!

Developed by the experts at Seller Tradecraft, Pixelfly is a tool that helps sellers grow your audience and rank products on Amazon.

Specifically, the tool is a URL shortener that allows sellers to pixel and retarget traffic, and then send traffic through a variety of Super URLs made for Amazon.

Here are some of the Super URLs available with Pixelfy:

URL Rotator

The URL Rotator allows sellers to rotate clicks to over 50 different destinations. This is extremely useful when running ad campaigns that target multiple keywords.

Supreme URL

This tracking link is the ULTIMATE Super URL generator. Pixelfy’s proprietary bot generates Amazon’s exact URL to determine the time of search, the keyword attribution, and much more.

Canonical URL

A quarter of Amazon’s search traffic comes from search engines. This link allows users to optimize your page for off-Amazon search engine traffic. The perfect option for increasing your rank on Google.

Buy Together URL

The Buy Together URL allows you to manipulate Amazon’s ‘Frequently Bought Together’ section of you listen by directing traffic to a button that adds two items to a shoppers cart. After enough purchases, the items will appear in the FBT section.

Add to Cart URL

Conversions generated through this URL simulates a purchase from Alexa. This will increase the probability of earning the Amazon’s Choice badge.

Seeker URL

This URL will direct customers to find and purchase your product if a listing is within 6 pages of the target keyword.

And Many More!

Each Super URL comes with its own report, allowing customers to see how many unique clicks are generated.

Top Amazon sellers like Michelle Barnum Smith, Tom Wang and Fernando Cruz are already using Pixelfy to build larger audiences and drive rank, sales and reviews. Will you join them?

To learn more about Pixelfy: click here

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