Business Dashboard

The Seller Dashboard makes analyzing your business quick and easy. We tried to include all of the key metrics we like to pay attention to as sellers ourselves, so you have all of the important information you’ll need at your fingertips.

Whether you want to know how profitable your business is – or what you are spending on PPC – the Business Dashboard has the answers.

Detailed, Yet Easy To Understand Profit Analysis

Analyzing your business couldn’t be more intuitive with the Seller Dashboard. Check out the Net Profit widget to see exactly what you’re making after all Amazon expenses are factored in.

And, with the Sales Breakdown widget and COGS functionality you get a detailed look at where your expenses are coming from – providing insight into where to cut costs and make your business even more profitable.

Oh, and did we mention our Sales Comparison graph lets you view your sales history over any time period? That’s right. Now you can easily see see how your business has performed since you first started selling on Amazon!

Built an Empire? Let’s Show You What It’s Worth

For some Amazon sellers a million dollar business sale is right around the corner. With the Business Valuation widget we show you what your business is worth based over any trading period, plus the inventory you currently own in Amazon warehouses.

Now you can decide whether it’s the right time to cash in on your Amazon empire, or if you should continue growing it yourself.

What Do Your Customers Think Of Your Business?

The ‘New Reviews’ widget lets you view your five most recent customer reviews in the blink of an eye.

Now you can see what your customers have said about your products recently … giving you the power to immediately jump on top of bad reviews, or smile as your customers tell the world how great your products are.

Comprehensive Analysis Of Individual Products

For sellers with a business containing more than one product it’s always important to know which items are crushing it, and which are falling short.

Now, with our individual product widgets we can show you a detailed analysis of your best and worst performing products.

Curious which products maintain the highest advertising cost? We’ve got you covered. What about refund rates? No problem! And I’m sure you’ve wondered which products maintain your highest and lowest net margins, right? We can show you that too.

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