Keywords on Fire

Keywords on Fire makes you visible to more customers. This revolutionary keyword tool ensures that your listing is packed with the most optimized and best performing keywords in existence. Hurry up and dive into Keywords on Fire because an un-optimized listing is a listing that’s missing out on sales. Plus you can use this diverse tool for PPC research and for deeper product research!

It Starts with A Big List of Relevant Keywords

Most keyword tools only show some of your listing’s relevant keywords and a huge list of non-relevant keywords that just don’t make sense. Luckily, Keywords on Fire combines keyword lists across your entire niche to make sure you aren’t missing any hidden gems. Because let’s face it, if your listing isn’t optimized for those hidden, relevant gems then you’re not visible to your whole audience… and of course, that means you’re missing out on sales. Keywords on Fire solves this problem so you do NOT miss out on sales!

We Reveal The Very Best Keywords

Once the Keywords on Fire list is generated we go to work organizing the best performing and most relevant keywords. We take the guesswork out of keyword research by showing you the important information about each individual keyword. Want to know what the keyword’s monthly search volume is? No problem. How about the revenue generated each month by that keyword? Easy! Want to know which ones are the most competitive? Piece of cake. And this is just scratching the surface. Jump into Keywords on Fire to understand all you need to know about the keywords relevant to your listing.

Infinite Customization to Make Things Easy

With Keywords on Fire you can filter your views thousands of different ways. Filtering makes detailed research intuitive and simple. Now you can specify exactly which keywords you want to appear in your list, the ones that have specific PPC bids, or keywords that have listings that maintain a specific average price range (and so much more). Filtering is how the pros get the very most out of their listing optimization using ZonGuru.

Keywords on Fire, Meet Listing Optimizer

Keywords on Fire wouldn’t be complete without the ability to export your keyword list into our Listing Optimizer. This incredible bond between two tools gives you the power to know exactly which keywords you’re already optimized for – and identify weak spots. It is our goal to set you up for success as a seller and we designed this tool to do exactly that. Sign up today to give it a shot and see for yourself what an amazing keyword tool can do for you.

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