Keywords Spotlight

Keywords Spotlight lets you spy on your competitor’s backend keyword data so that you can mine those last little gold nuggets of insight to drive the greatest amount of traffic to your listing possible.

Backend Keyword Data for Any Product on Amazon

All you need is an ASIN … Keywords Spotlight will do the rest. Keywords Spotlight gives you the power to see hidden phrases, misspellings, and keywords that your competitors use to drive traffic to their listing that you can’t see in their front-end listing copy. Your competition can’t conceal anything from you anymore!

The Most Powerful Keyword Tool-Set Available for Amazon Sellers

The triad is complete! Now you can use Keywords on Fire to generate a list of relevant and high performing keywords, Listing Optimizer to determine where to place them, and Keywords Spotlight to make sure nothing is missed. ZonGuru’s keyword tools are the most powerful on the market. Hands down. If you aren’t using these tools, then you don’t have a leg up on your competition.

Why Do You Need Backend Keyword Data?

Backend listing copy is what your competition uses that you simply couldn’t see until now. With ZonGuru’s exclusive access, you can now pull the backend Search Terms and Subject Matter. This will allow you to discover keyword variations that aren’t visually appealing or pleasing to read, like colloquial terms, similar products, synonyms or common misspellings of certain keywords; Or, relevant keywords that are important but didn’t make it in the titles, bullet points, and product description. Simply put, Keywords Spotlight ensures that you don’t miss a thing!

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