Listing Optimizer

Listing Optimizer is designed to scan your Amazon listing page for keywords that you want to rank for, and then identify where in your listing those keywords are not. It also checks the number of reviews and photos and tells you have enough of both.

Unlimited Listing Scans

Listing Optimizer allows you to scan an unlimited number of listings so you always stay more visible than your competition.

Gain insight into how your listing is optimized for keywords

Listing Optimizer scans your listing to see where your desired keywords appear in your Product Title, Description, Bullet Points, and Backend Keywords. Now you can see if there are easy changes you can make to your listing to improve your rank – and drive more traffic to your products!

See where your Broad AND Exact match keywords appear in your listing

Clarity around which types of keywords appear in your listing is crystal clear. Now you can see exactly where your broad and exact match keywords show up in your listing so your keywords perform at their best – AND you understand where you might be falling short to improve.

Better understand the strength of your keywords and listing copy

What’s the point of packing your listing full of keywords if you have no idea how strong they are? We now order and list the strength of your keywords so you make sure you’re using the very best ones in your listing! Plus, with the new Listing Optimization Score you can see how your listing copy stacks up against other ZonGuru users!

The Most Powerful Keyword Tool-Set Available for Amazon Sellers

The triad is complete! Now you can use Keywords on Fire to generate a list of relevant and high performing keywords, Listing Optimizer to determine where to place them, and Keywords Spotlight to make sure nothing is missed. ZonGuru’s keyword tools are the most powerful on the market. Hands down. If you aren’t using these tools, then you don’t have a leg up on your competition.

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