Love / Hate

Product differentiation is the best way to stand out on Amazon as a Private Label seller; but manufacturing the perfect product is no easy task. Luckily, with the new Love / Hate tool we’re able to generate a clear and concise list of ideas which show you exactly what buyers love and hate about the products that are already on the market.
Simply add an ASIN or keyword phrase, let the Love / Hate tool scan the niche to generate a concise report showing you exactly what buyers like and dislike about the product. Then, contact your supplier to tell them exactly what you need to make sure your product is the best on the market.

Save Your Valuable Time and Energy

Now you won’t need to click through countless listings on Amazon and manually sort reviews to understand what buyers love and hate about a product. With the Love / Hate tool all you need to do is generate a report for the product niche you’re interested in to see all of the relevant information to make sure your product is always loved. Love / Hate makes product differentiation quick and simple.

Cast a Wide Net and then Get Specific with the Word Cloud

We’ll generate a list of common phrases and terms that appear across all positive and negative reviews and then order them by importance for an entire niche. Our word cloud technology provides a broad view of customer opinions which you can then click through to see specific reviews and gain an even deeper insight into the niche.

Jot Down Notes and Ideas to Come Back to Later

Product differentiation shouldn’t slow down your research. Our unique ‘notes’ field allows you to jot down ideas to come back to later if you’re jamming through a bunch of different products. Now you’ll never have to try to remember what that million dollar improvement was that you came up with the other day!

Need Some Inspiration?

Still struggling to develop your product to its fullest potential? We’ll help you turn your me-too product idea into the most unique and stylish product on the market with our seamless search functionality. All we need is a search term and an adjective and we’ll show you the best photos on the internet of your dream product. Now you’ll never run out of ideas.

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